OK, so it's spring of 2020 and we're all stuck inside dealing with the Quarantine. Doesn't mean we can't still watch some good live performances! I really do want to keep things going and so I give you the, "LIVE BUSKING SESSIONS" series. I will be performing solo live online every other day for this month of April from 7-8pm (Eastern time). Donations are encouraged and 30% of it will be given to charity or a good cause. I'll be announcing how much was raised at the end of the month and to what charity I'm giving to. The link for the LIVE BUSKING SESSIONS will be my Facebook artist page, (you can also click the Facebook icon at the top right corner of this page to be directed there). The links to where you can donate are, to paypal: or I will also accept e-transfers to This is going to be a lot of fun. See you guys online!!!

April. 1st

April 3rd

April 5th

April 7th

April 9th

April 11th

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